30 Months Managed WordPress Hosting by WPEngine – Our Review

Being a WordPress programmer and developer is not an easy job. You need to constantly be up to date with everything that’s new on the market. Meanwhile you have to work on improving your products if you want to be on top. You also need trustworthy allies, and by allies I mean every collaborator that helps you keep your business safe while transparent and accessible. One of our allies as such is WP Engine, our managed WordPress hosting provider.

Why we chose managed WordPress hosting by WP Engine

  • Because WP Engine perfectly understands that we are living in the speed century. And since your visitors are always impatient, a slow loading website could bury your business in seconds. This is why WP Engine developed a state of the art technology that helps sites load 4 to 6 times faster than any other environment available.


  •  WP Engine offers all their customers, regardless if they have a personal or enterprise account, the same efficiency, scalability and security, that are top notch characteristics of their services.


  • They know that your site scalability strictly relates to how cacheable it is. That is why they use one of the most scalable cache mechanisms currently available, EverCache. Having EverCache fully integrated into your WordPress environment, your worries of getting a third-party caching plugin is now gone.


  • WP Engine has got a fast and reliable Content Delivery Network.


  • They are aware that every client is seeking a managed WordPress hosting provider that has the best up-time possible. While 100% is the unattainable ideal on the long run, WP Engine’s up-time reaches 99.95% according to the SLA.



  • Because WP Engine has got an excellent, highly responsive customer support team. They have always solved our issues within the shortest time possible.

Bottom line

WP Engine is hosting us for 30 months now and we believe we have made a wise choice. For while there are quite a few competitors out there offering WordPress managed hosting, such as Flywheel, Siteground, Pagely or Bluehost,  WP Engine takes away all common worries, by offering mind blowing hosting services that will keep your website hacker proof, automatically updated, cached and daily backed up. Meanwhile you are able to take advantage of their Content Performance intelligent solution that optimizes Google Analytics for WordPress. Content Performance enables you to keep track of the most detailed statistics related to Posts, Categories, Authors, Tags and Pages, right in your WordPress dashboard. All these tools will allow you to continuously improve your marketing strategy according to the key performance metrics available.

One of the best features of WP Engine managed WordPress hosting is the Application Performance solution. This allows you to identify even minor site issues and fix them before your visitors notice them. Having this useful tool on hand will also allow you to avoid issues by proactively optimizing your site’s performance, instead of having to spot and fix them every time they appear.

What we would like WP Engine to improve

The domain mapping user interface constitutes the most frequent issue that has driven us towards contacting WP Engine customer support team. We would prefer it improved to a more user-friendly, easy-to-use appearance.

All in all, if you are a WordPress developer looking for a hassle-free managed WordPress hosting provider that lets you focus on promoting your business, leaving  technicalities in the hands of the experts, then WP Engine is by far the best choice you can make. Do not let the price of their impeccable services push you away, as they are 100% worth every penny.

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