Events Schedule WordPress Plugin Now Has a New Calendar Style

Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said that „a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Along centuries people have always used different methods of planning events, regardless of their type. Thankfully, we now live in an era where technology makes it a lot easier for us to plan and track the evolution of our main goals.  With on-line commerce becoming so popular during the past decade, marketers and developers have realized that booking tools are basic needs of anyone who is advertising their business over the internet. For whether you are selling show tickets, foreign languages lessons or dance classes, a scheduler is what keeps your events in excellent order.

Knowing all these aspects, the Curly Themes team has worked on what is our most sold product, the   Events Schedule, a 12-in-1 plugin with over 2300 happy customers.

While we are constantly researching the market, our main focus is on our customer’s needs and suggestions which motivated us to permanently improve our Events Schedule, up to the point where the product’s features speak volume about its quality.

We do know that time matters and this is why we made the Events Schedule a fast and very easy to use tool. The plugin comes with a wide range of customizable options that fit almost any type of business and one of the best parts is that you won’t have to worry about your visitors’ native language, as it is fully translatable and supports WPML. Do you have lots of classes? Events Schedule includes very powerful filters that allow your visitors to filter in detail what they are looking for, by time of the day, instructor, class type or location, all wrapped in an ultimate ultra fast technology.

When we first launched the Events Schedule, the plugin only had 5 styles available: List (plain, compact and large), Weekly Schedule and Weekly Tabs. Once our product became popular, customers have come up with suggestions according to their needs, thus we now have a total of 12 styles that satisfy even our most demanding customers. The newest is Monthly Calendar. If you’re in the entertainment business and you have a large number of upcoming events, then this style fits you best.

Opting for the Monthly Calendar style of The Event Schedule will allow you to display all your events in a monthly calendar with boxes allocated to each day with or without events. Clicking on an event will open a pop up window containing images and details about the event. You can also replace the popup with a page that has an URL and will allow you to use more advanced elements that the popup cannot support. The colors palette will also let you apply your own touch of creativity on the final design, so that it perfectly fits your website.

When clicking on a day, the calendar will display a box with all the events running during that day. The box can be set up to appear left or right side, beneath or inside the calendar. You can also add border effects to the calendar, using vertical or horizontal lines to separate the days.

The days of the week will be displayed in 3 formats, depending on your choice: single letter (e.g: M), three letters (e.g: MON) or full name of the day (e.g: Monday). If you do not wish the weekends to be displayed, you have the options to deactivate them, thus your visitors will only see a calendar containing the weekdays from Monday to Friday.  The day highlight can be round or square and its color is adjustable, as per your choice. If you wish to make your calendar a bit more stylish, you also have the option to alternate colors on weeks.

We’ve got 2315 happy customers at the moment and the number is increasing daily as we are working on improving the product to make it the best on the market. Here are a few testimonials in an excerpt from our Codencanyon profile:

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