QR Codes WordPress Plugin Documentation

Installing the Plugin

Before installing this plugin you need to have a WordPress platform already installed on your server. You can download it from WordPress.org if you don’t have it already.

If you do not know how or you have problems with the installation, you can access helpful information at:

Once you have a working WordPress on your server, you have two available ways to install this plugin.

FTP Upload

The .zip file you downloaded from Theme Forest contains a folder named simple-qr. Upload this folder on your server in your WordPress directory to /wp-content/plugins/

WordPress Upload

The second way to install the plugin is by logging in from your website /wp-admin to the WordPress Dashboard. From there, you should go to Appearance > Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the file simple-qr.zip from your computer. After clicking the Install Now button, the installation process is finished.

Activating the Simple QR Codes Plugin

After you have completed the install process, in either of the two ways, you need to activate it. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins >Installed Plugins and select Simple QR Codes Plugin. Click the Activate button and you can start using the plugin.

Free Support

We provide Free Customer Support for all Curly Themes products through our quick and easy ticket application interface. Please limit your inquiries to problems related to the Simple QR Codes Plugin, its setup and features. For any problems concerning third-party plugins you should address the application’s developer.

Note: We can not offer support for custom CSS code customization. You should ask a professional developer for aid if you require help with advanced customization and programming.

Free Ticket Support

Curly Themes offers a free ticket support application for all clients, through a real-time license code automatic verification. The dedicated app is fast and easy to use and includes an email notification feature. We will let you know as soon as your inquiry has received an answer. Thanks to our modern design, you can also upload images as an attachment to your support ticket.

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Shortcode Usage


[simple-qr size="" align="" type="" margin="" pointer_text="" pointer_color=""

Use this shortcode to insert a QR code in your page.

  • Size – Type in the size in pixels for the QR code.
  • Align – The alignment of the code in the page; accepted values are: left, right, center;
  • Type – The QR code type; the accepted values are: bookmark, url, contact, email, phone, geo, sms, wifi, text. Depending on the QR code type you will need to insert values for specific attributes. See below.
  • Margin – Type in the bottom margin in pixels.
  • Pointer Text – Call to action text to place below the QR Code. If left empty, no text will be displayed.
  • Pointer Color – HEX color of the Call to Action text (ex: #CC0000 ).
  • Pointer Position – Position of the Call to Action text. left, right, center.

Bookmark QR Code

[simple-qr size="" type="bookmark" title="" url="" margin=""]
  • Title – Type in the bookmark title.
  • Url – Type in the bookmark URL.


[simple-qr size="" type="url" url="" margin=""]

Contact QR Code

[simple-qr size="" type="contact" name="" address="" phone="" email="" margin=""]
  • Name – Type in the contact name.
  • Address – Type in the contact address.
  • Phone – Type in the phone number for the contact.
  • Email – Type in the email address for the contact.

Email QR Code

[simple-qr size="" type="email" email="" subject="" message="" margin=""]
  • Email – Type in the email address where the email will be sent.
  • Subject – Type in the subject for the email.
  • Message – Type in the message of the email.

Phone QR Code

[simple-qr size="" type="phone" phone="" margin=""]
  • Phone – Type in the phone number.

Geo QR Code

[simple-qr size="" type="geo" lat="" lon="" height="" margin=""]
  • Lat – Type in the coordinates for the latitude.
  • Lon – Type in the coordinates for the longitude.
  • Height – Type in the coordinates for the altitude.


[simple-qr size="" type="sms" phone="" message="" margin=""]
  • Phone – Type in the phone number.
  • Message – Type in the SMS text.


[simple-qr size="" type="wifi" wifi_type=" " ssid="" password="" margin=""]
  • wifi_type – Type in the WIFI type; accepted values are: Open, WAP, WEB;
  • ssid – Type in the name of the WIFI.
  • password – Type in the WIFI password.

Text QR Code

[simple-qr size="" type="text" text="" margin=""]
  • Text – Type in a text to be encoded as a QR code.

Release Notes

Simple QR Codes Plugin 1.1.
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